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Brilliant nails designs and DIYs Nails are part of everyone's beauty routine, especially during the last 3-4 years. So, all of us girls are looking for inspiration all over social media to find the best ideas and look for our nails. And, that is what we are doing in this video. We wanted to share with you some amazing DIY nail designs that you can try on your free time to find out what suits your look best. These are perfect to do if you are new to nail design and you'd like to get better at doing your nails and general nail art designs. In addition to those we also share with you some beautiful nail polish crafts, you can create that you'll fall in love with.

In the first video section, we show you how to create beautiful hair accessories using different colors of nail polish. zThe only thing you'll need for this hack is some craft wire and a pen. You simply roll the wire around your pen to create the pedals and then you dip it into the nail polish color of your choice. Then, you let it dry and voila. We also show you a genius way to re-purpose washers and turn them into amazing that you can wear with you matching clothes. Simply add a solid nail polish color on your washers and then add a few drops of different nail color polish on top. Finally, using a toothpick or a craft wire mix the nail polish together slightly to create the beautiful designs that we demonstrate in the video. Finally, add some jewelry thread through the washers and voila.

Matte nail polish is one of the latest nail design trends we've seen all over social media and in this video we show you how to turn your nail polish into a matte color without having to spend a ton of money on a matte top coat. You simply paint your nails with the nail polish color of your choice and then using a brush you add some cornstarch on top when the nail is semi-dry. Then you brush it off and voila.

In this video, we also show you how to create your own nail polish color using an old eyeshadow powder. Sometimes we know what color nail polish we like but we find it very difficult to find a nail polish color that is close to the one we like. So, you can take your favorite eyeshadow color and pour it into a clear nail polish bottle, then you shake the mixture really well and voila. In addition, to those, we show you how to how to create a marble nail design sticker that you can then transfer on your nails and many more abstract nail designs.

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